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Victory over the Sun translated by Shmailo featured in

New York Times:

Russia Beyond the Headlines:

Twenty-first Century Russian Poetry edited by Shmailo featured on

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Russia Beyond the Headlines

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Other Press

  • Interviewed on "Cross-Cultural Communications" on PennSound Radio, April, 2015
  • Critic’s Pick, Time Out Magazine, for reading series Sliding Scale Poetry, 1996
  • Radio Highlight, New York Times, for New York Board of Education radio poetry series “Madwoman,” 1996

Selected Reviews


  • Semifinalist, Subito Press/University of Boulder prose competition, 2014
  • Honorable mention, Elizabeth P. Braddock poetry prize, 2012
  • Honorable mention, Goodreads May 2012 poetry contest
  • Finalist, Glass Woman prose prize in 2012
  • Honorable mention, Compass Award in Russian Translation, sponsored by Princeton, Georgetown, and Montclair State Universities, 2011
  • New Century Music Awards, 2009:
    • Best spoken word with rock
    • Best spoken word with jazz
    • Best spoken word with electronica
    • Best album: Exorcism


Shmailo’s work is archived or in the libraries of the Museum of Modern Art, the Smithsonian, Harvard University, New York University, Ohio State University, Rochester University, and other museums and universities.